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Full visibility to all access assignments across organization
Regional utility company reduced security risk and increased compliance with NERC CIP by deploying new processes and controls over both physical and cyber access assigned to their internal and third-party workforce.
Access fulfillment for new hires streamlined to minutes from weeks
Major global energy company with ~250,000 employees and contractors worldwide routinely hires thousands of new resources each year.
Quarterly Access Certifications completed in ten business days
The process to prepare and complete each Quarterly Access Certification for the ~7,000 reviewers at a US-subsidiary of a global insurance company required an average of 85 days.

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Strategic Security Solutions (S3) and Cirrus Cybersecurity Group Announces Strategic Alliance

Strategic Security Solutions (S3) announced a strategic alliance with Cirrus Cybersecurity Group.

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HR Doesn't Want Your Non-Employees or Your Third-Parties or Your Guests

It is October, and with Halloween just around the corner, people are watching horror movies this month more than ever.

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Strength in Resilience

Consulting has been all about efficiency for most of my 25….ok, maybe 30 years in the business. 

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Why You Should be Thinking About Privileged Access?

Most organizations do not have a complete understanding of all the privileged access accounts in their organization.

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The Case for a Security Assessment

Security Assessments are an excellent tool for small and mid-market businesses.

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