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Cirrus Cyber Security Services

We offer a full suite of security services. Regardless of client security maturity, we can support their needs.  Operating as a trusted advisor, we typically work with the senior executive and security leadership in your organization to determine your highest areas of need. Commonly, we begin our engagement operating as interim CISO or providing a security assessment to help you identify gaps with the Identity and/or Privileged Access component of the security program and develop an overall strategy and high-level action plan to remediate.  Then, our Solutions and Security Operations teams can execute on the plan.

Cirrus Solutions

Our full scope of services is summarized below. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Strategic Advisory

CISO Advisory

includes Security and Risk Management, Security Architecture and Engineering and Security Assessment and Testing

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Secure Solutions

Security Process & Access Solutions

includes Privileged and Identity & Access Management and Software Development Security

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Best-in-class SecOps

Security Operations Management

includes Security Operations, Communication and Network Security and Security Program Support and Training

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Security Solutions Suite

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